Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Volume of calls to National Family Mediation service doubles in the past year

National Family Mediation have in the past year, seen the number of calls to their helpline significantly rise.  With its helpline taking on average 3,400 calls per month from January to June 2015. In contrast the same period last year saw 1,600 calls each month.

NFM CEO Jane Robey commented:
“Couples are increasingly self-researching their options, and this is reflected in the huge increase in calls to dispute resolution specialists…our experience tells us people are cogitating, calculating and considering their next move.  Our experts are helping more families in crisis than ever before and it’s a challenge to meet the soaring demand.’’

Please remember that we offer free advice clinics.  We appreciate that, at times, you may not know whether a solicitor can help you, or how much it might cost.  This is exactly why we have introduced a 'free clinic' at each of our South Wales offices so that you can pop in, pick our brains, and then see if you want to take the matter further.  To discuss all matters relating to Divorce, Separation, Children, Finances and Civil Partnerships pop into our Cowbridge Free Advice Clinic runs on a Thursday from 2pm - 6pm.

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