Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Adoptions in Wales on the increase

The National Adoption Service has released a report which shows an increase of both the number of children placed for adoption in Wales and also the number of approved adopters.  Another promising sign is that the length of time it takes for children to be placed with an adoptive family is now at 16.5 months - previously this had been 26 months.

Speaking of what the service has achieved so far, the director of operations - Suzanne Griffiths said ‘’I’m very pleased with what the service has achieved so far; in particular we can see more children being placed more quickly and more adopters approved’’

Alongside this, the launch of the National Adoption Service saw the additional introduction of a Welsh adoption register operated by the British Association for Adopting and Fostering.  Helping match adopters and children that may not be in the same region, this new register ‘helped to facilitate the process for 41 of the 386 children matched to date.’

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To read more on the report findings in Community Care please click here

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